Retirement is still some way off but doing nothing is not an option

You are likely to be over 50 and have between 10 – 15 years still to go until your selected retirement date (SRD) or the age when you can draw your state pension. You might think you have plenty time to get really organised but making the right choices now can have a big impact […]

Thinking about your retirement?

When thinking about the options at retirement take financial advice

There has probably never been a time when there was more chat about pensions and retirement planning. Every day we are talking to clients about their thoughts and worries and helping them create a plan that helps them achieve the most from their financial circumstances.

With this […]

Financial Advice in Lancashire

Financial Advisors in Lancashire – how can I find a good financial advisor?
When you are looking for Financial Advice in Lancashire the first place people start to look is the internet. They normally search for financial advisors in Lancashire and are met with many results from all different companies but how can you tell which […]

Inheritance Tax tips for minimising liability


Inheritance Tax tips for minimising liability
Here are a few Inheritance tax tips for minimising your tax liability. Here at Iain Longworth Partnership we have a wealth of experience advising clients on the best method to avoid paying to much inheritance tax.

Check that you actually have Inheritance Tax liability
It is worth considering when Inheritance Tax actually […]

Financial Planning Advice

Financial Planning Advice
Iain Longworth Partnership are financial advisers offering services ranging from general financial planning and investment advice, to more specialist advice, such as the suitability of a particular product such as a pension. In the case Iain Longworth Partnership  our advisers are ‘independent’ – meaning they offer advice on the full range of investment […]

Retirement options in Lancashire

Financial advice about retirement options in Lancashire
When it comes to planning your retirement the sooner you seek sound financial advice about your retirement options the better. Iain Longworth Partnership specialise in a wide range of retirement options to suit you.